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There is also a twenty-two the division artillery battalion, as well as a coordinated defense of this highland infantry company, gunfire can be covered from here to the south bay, was originally used just in case, to assist the bay mouth fort, now positions fell to Alaska the hands of the people, that it not all exposed fort bay in Alaska person under the muzzle.,purchase key for windows 7 home premium   Sergei this time can only shake his head, he did not know why the people in charge of guarding this position is not news, even gunfire guns have not sounded too, just like the non- Normally calm cross succeed, as this position ado handed the Alaska Army hands.,purchase key for windows 7 home premium   Ivan sat slumped in a chair, but a moment, he immediately stood up, facing Sergei said: immediately notify the bay fort, comprehensive blockade bay mouth, do not allow any vessel entering Ava Qin Bay, forced entrants, immediately Give me bombers sank.

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