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City is also representative of a certain company, and the other three program itself is not too good, so the maple leaf emblem program through rate will be so high.,dowload link key for project 2013   Let these MPs Curiously, this design is actually no signature, hundreds of dollars in unclaimed prize design, but in addition to freedom of the palace several staff responsible for finishing off this program, no one thought of this program is the maple leaf high-level design or other countries.,dowload link key for project 2013   Nobody has to receive bonus Not least, it is important that as soon as overtime working towards a new national flag, national emblem, in order to save time, there is no uniform manufacturing Philadelphia by, but by the provinces are responsible for rushing through Congress in accordance with the standard pattern, according to the Act, the new national flag emblem will officially replace the original flag, national emblem since April 9, a new national symbol.

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