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Cheaper still cold, you do not begin to say to extend the duration of five years does not make sense right now why should add to, in addition to this condition, which condition Alaska did not reap cheap.,dowload link key for project 2013   But this condition, Kamenev did not mind, even a hundred years so what extend are the tsarist government and the Alaska trade, say this place enough minerals mined eight years are hard to say. Kamenev nodded his head and was about to get up to go to the Ulyanov transmitters, but laughed maple leaf : No hurry, Mr. Kamenev, and I still have a small request.,dowload link key for project 2013   Kamenev is heart palpitations, there are demands to more and more, to say anything, Kamenev suspect conditions will last far and Ulyanovsk contrary to the conditions. Here maple leaf but paused, looked Kamenev said: uh, our cooperation if reached, will definitely want to sign a formal agreement on it. Kamenev somehow, of course, to sign the agreement, .

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